Saturday, November 21, 2015

Calsadahay Elementary School Has A New Building Too!

21NOV2015. Still in Burauen, done with San Pablo Elementary School turnover, (it had to be!), the group of ADB JFPR folks, DepEd Regional Officals, LGU representatives, NEDA and Plan Inernational staff braved the heavy rains trooping kilometers more to the hinters for another ceremony, this time at the Calsadahay Elementary School!
This new building, also funded by the ADB JFPR Grant 9175 is a single-classroom unit that sits in the middle of other buildings old and new. But, as parents and teachers say, it has become the "center of cuteness overload" due to occupants being the youngest citizens in the entire school populace - Kindergarten!

When asked what they think about their new classroom, one of the little tykes smilingly said "maupay, mayada tiles, baga hin balay" {beautiful, with tiled floor, it feels like a home}! Another said "diri kinahanglan mag-hagdan" {no need to use the stairs} - referring to the PWD ramp that their little feet can merrily amble up and down their classroom. Teachers and parents are grateful we built an elevated classroom as the area is flood prone.

Guests were merrily surprised and could not help but grab their cameras when the little ones went up stage and altogether recited a "siday" (short poem) that goes something like this...
Maupay nga kulop mga bisita
Nagpapasalamat kami han iyo suporta
Amon pagkakaptan, ngan diri hingangalimtan
Aton eskuylahan hingyap para han ngatanan

Rough translation:
Good afternoon visitors
We thank you for your support
We will uphold, and never forget
Our school, a dream for everyone

We agree with the parents and teachers.., "cuteness overload"!

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