Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Farm Materials Distributed At Salvacion, Dulag

Truckloads of rice seeds, sprayer tanks, vermicast and sweet potato cuttings descended upon the barangay this morning (24NOV2015) to the delight of the eagerly awaiting beneficiaries. It's farming materials and implements this time for Barangay Salvacion in Dulag, Leyte!

All these courtesy of ADB JFPR's Grant 9175 being implemented by Plan International to alleviate the economic condition of the community.

42 farming families qualified as recipients and received varying amounts of the said farming inputs, depending on the type of, and the size of their farming areas. Many are into rice farming, thus the truckload consisted a majority of sacks of 'mega yield foliar' (certified rice seeds). Some are into sweet potato (camote) farming, but there's even a water melon farm in a hectare or so of land. Dulag's Municipal Agriculture Officer was on hand to validate recipients and distribute the inputs.

These farming inputs did not however just materialize as a bright idea of the funder (ADB's Japan Fund for Poverty Reduction) nor the implementing partner (Plan International). This came out as one of the many agreed interventions needed after a series of community meetings and FGDs (Focus Group Discussions).

One of the recipients, Mr. Ernesto Garcia Jr., (referring to what he received) intimated that this was all he needed to restart his farm anew. He further assured us with an invitation to come see his farm after a month saying "sigurado, diri ako niyo ikaka-awod" (I'm sure you won't be ashamed of my outputs)!

If these farm inputs we distributed are "just one of the many", what other interventions has ADB JFPR (via Plan Int'l) done in this barangay? Well, some have qualified to be recipients of the Community Based Enterprise Development (CBED) Program, where groups are trained in entrepreneurship, after which they submit and defend their business proposal for viability, and if they pass, they receive the start-up capital needed as stipulated in their business plans.

Other community members have participated in the Cash For Work Program that ended last month (those who did vegetable farms are already harvesting). The PWDs and elderly received their share that came by way of UCT (unconditional cash transfers). Adults have been trained on DRR while children also had their version of said awareness and readiness campaign.

Out of school boys and girls were plucked out of the barangay for some time, where they enrolled and lived as full scholars at KEITECH or BCAT to earn their TESDA certificates in various courses of their choice! And, 4 days from now, that would be the 28th of November, we are handing over a spanking new 4-classroom building to Salvacion Elementary School!

Happy to help.

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