Saturday, May 14, 2016

Rescue at Sea

Everything happens for a reason.

The ADB JFPR Grant 9175 Sub-component A.1 consultants and ex-consultants together with the GMU SEERE went for a much-needed R&R at Higatangan Island on the northern-most tip of Leyte. A perfect paradise, but we had less than perfect circumstances. Still, we all enjoyed frolicking at the island's now-getting-famous shifting sandbar.

Whatever everyone felt, (tired of the numerous jumpshots and underwater shots?), we skipped circling the island to see more of it as earlier agreed with the hired boat's crews. We instead requested the skipper to bring us back to mainland.

On our way back to Naval (a 45min boat ride), we caught sight of a hand waving from the water in the middle of this vast sea between Biliran Island and Calubian, Leyte. We sensed trouble, and indeed, when we got nearer, we learned this father and daughter had been wading for more than an hour, still clinging to their unfortunate boat.

We plucked them, and towed their little boat back to Naval.

It gave us comfort that at least they could already smile when we were back on land. This girl, young as she might look, has a 2-year-old son and a 5-month-old baby. The father says he had been plying this sea since age 17, and it was only now, on a sunny (but windy) day, that he experienced such unfortunate incident, and he intimated, he almost gave up during the ordeal.

Happy to have served (saved)!



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