Thursday, September 1, 2016

Distribution of Amenities: Mahaplag

"We are not that done, after all! Oh, please keep the blessings coming" - so said one of the Kalahi Volunteers at Mahaplag doing sub-projects financed under the ADB JFPR Grant 9175!

Actually, we are/were done in Mahaplag. This activity is in itself proof that the KC-JFPR volunteers have done their jobs, and well. Why? Because these amenities that would compliment or enhance the usability of finished sub-projects in 22 barangays, is not something done for every barangay or group of Kalahi volunteers who finish projects. These are"extra" tokens of appreciation for either finishing a sub-project on time or within/under budget, or both. A "pahalipay"!

Just what are these amenities? Well, little material things that the barangay can use to further (optimize) the use of their just finished sub-project. Example: Barangay Tagaytay's sub-project was the repair of their barangay hall - so during this distribution ceremony, they received a computer set with 3-in-1 printer and a desktop table!

Mahaplag Mayor Daisy Lleve, while thanking DSWD Kalahi and the donor ADB JFPR, promised that she will exert every effort to remind these barangays to take care of, and put to good use, all the amenities that they have received. She even gave extra tokens to talented volunteers who participated in the writeshop done in Tacloban, where they learned and have shown prowess in poetry (siday), article writing, photography, and even song composition among others!

Everyone had fun at this short but meaningful ceremony at the municipal hall lobby!











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