Friday, July 4, 2014

From the field: Bgy. Lipata, Marabut

Dear KA-lahi,

It's lunch time here at EMY at wala akong makausap. So I decided to have a virtual chika with you guys...

Oh my and I attended the first mentoring session of Balangiga to Marabut. The idea came about two weeks ago, when Saret asked about funding for training for Marabut seems it is not used to the CDD approach and seems to be "nangagapa." The usual housed training takes about 3 days. I asked if it's possible to bring them to Balangia and observe an on-going barangay assembly instead, as if go by the required project timeline, we dont have the luxury of time. Engr. Gerry and Saret proposed instead to invite Dodong of Balangiga, a veteran KC implementor to give a talk to the CV. Dodong proposed to have an actual Barangay Assembly after his orientation.

Dodong, speaking as an experienced man who implements KC on the ground and had the initiative of reading a thick-bound guideline on the project implementation, was able to give the orientation in an hour and a half! Just what the community volunteers needed to know, the strategies and what to expect. Mahusay!

So we all trooped to Brgy Lipata for the arranged assembly. But lo and behold! Walang tao! Anak ni Mang Kepweng! Apparently, the brgy chairwoman, while scratching her head, had the wrong date! I asked the gathered community volunteers if it is possible to knock on each HH and invite them right there and then. They all gave me an uncertain look - except for one. So I immediately took that lady's hand and started on the first house, invited, and convinced. Everybody soon followed taking their own street. In less than 20 minutes, we had the people gathered.

So Dodong did his magic. At first, they had circumspect expressions - especially the brgy machos who were usually topless na kita ang top portions ng briefs. As Dodong explained the group's purpose, their expressions changed to excitement - pati si lola na katabi ko. Dodong had them vote by physically presenting themselves in the middle - parang pera o bayong! Enjoy lahat!:)

They wanted water system. Lola wants safe drinking water. The entire Marabut has no water system. Brgy Lipata who has 204 HH has to share the use of three posos. Incidences of diarrhea and other water borne disease are high.

We left near seven in the evening. People now have hope of getting water.

Attach is a video take of the assembly.

Josaw :)
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