Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Community Consultation & Project Orientation: Cansumangkay, Balangiga

04MAR15. 1PM, we arrived at this school with nary a soul other than the School Principal. But, what a fantastic sight, when our car stopped inside the school grounds, there were no calls nor encouraging words... the whole of Barangay Cansumangkay just started streaming unto the school from every direction, and silently! It probably did not even take 5 minutes, I saw the Plan Int'l CDF in a quick huddle with colleagues and the School Principal, discussing if they can instead use another building as venue! Full house!

Activity? Same as this morning at the other end of Balangiga (Barangay San Miguel)... Plan Int'l and us the ADB Folks presented and discussed the planned interventions. Each item was always enthusiastically received with resounding applause that it felt like I was in a boxing match!




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