Saturday, April 25, 2015

A.2 Strategic Visioning & Action Planning

Plan International, our Implementing Partner (IP) in Grant 9175 Sub-component A.2 recently concluded a two-day "Strategic Visioning & Action Planning Workshop" for their development partners in the Eastern Samar group of beneficiary towns (Guiuan, Hernani, Salcedo, Balangiga, Balangkayan).

Participants were a merry mix of DRR point persons, municipal planning and development officers, HR, agriculture technologists, engineers, administrative aides, auditors, social workers, together with Plan International's field engineers, community development facilitators and other officers.

Via a host of development experts from Plan International, participants were familiarized with the objectives of what they refer to as "ADB Project" (Grant 9175) and the gamut of deliverables. Then they were chunked into breakout groups to specifically discuss and come out with action plans on 1) infrastructure, 2) livelihood, and 3) DRR.

As part of their workshop outputs, participants laid out their respective plans of action at community level, supported by Plan International staff from their localities. It even included a wall-mounted "Pledge of Commitment" that everyone signed!

Plan International's A.2 OIC Project Manager Cynthia (Tang) Guerra was on hand to oversee the proceedings while ADB Staff Claire Villarico and Consultants Chris Wensley, Jocelyn Saw stood-in to observe the proceedings. Towards the final stretch of the workshop, another GMU Consultant Dindo Mengote (SEERE) gave everyone a briefer about what is ADB, JFPR and Grant 9175.



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