Saturday, September 12, 2015

11 Scholars Graduated from KEITECH

The News:
Eleven 'Out of School Youth' from Yolanda-hit areas in Leyte and Samar that Plan International sent to a 3-month live-in schooling at Kananga-EDC Institute of Technology (KEITECH) funded by the ADB JFPR Grant 9175, were recently graduated from their respective courses, are now all TESDA NC II certified, and ready for employment here or abroad, or ready to embark on their own businesses.
Graduates (L-R): Randolph Soriano (Salvacion, Dulag, Leyte), Joel Calupas (Salvacion, Dulag, Leyte), Lindsey Cajandoc (Calsadahay, Buaruen, Leyte), Jovan Gara (Calsadahay, Burauen, Leyte), Michael Angelo Vertulfo (Salvacion, Dulag, Leyte), Alvin Batis (Cacao, Kananga, Leyte), Joselito Dagsa (Suluan Island, Guiuan, Eastern Samar), Neil Justine Floria (Inapulangan, Homonhon Island, Guiuan, Eastern Samar), Leon Galecia (Cacao, Kananga, Leyte), Nikko Badanoy (Suluan Island, Guiuan, Eastern Samar), Dickson Ogario (Cansumangkay, Balangiga, Eastern Samar). Boys in red shirts took up Electrical Installation & Maintenance (EIM). Boys in blue shirts took up Carpentry. All also received English Proficiency Certification

The 'Longer & Better' Story:
You will remember these boys from a previous article. That article said we sent seventeen, but only 11 here graduated, hmm. Where went the others? What happened? Nothing to worry, they transferred to BCAT for other courses not offered by KEITECH. But that's another story for a later telling, let's get back to this "graduation"!

Very early today (12SEP2015), Plan Int'l staff from as far as Guiuan and ADB EMY/GMU from Tacloban were on an excited run to the KEITECH Campus in Kananga, to witness their 6th Commencement Exercises. Why so? Because, 11 of the 182 graduates were Plan International Scholars funded under the ADB JFPR Grant 9175. We were there to witness the graduation rites of the 11 kids (in behalf of their families) and bring them back to their communities immediately after the ceremonies!

How did it go? Not quite like your usual high school or college graduation. Only a handful (3 or 4) of the 182 graduates had family members in attendance. But the ceremonies were so prompt and precise, almost like how it goes at military academies!

Once the guests (very few of us) were settled, the program started with a discussion of the venue's emergency evacuation procedures (in case something happens during the ceremonies). Oh ha?! Where else do you see such a 'preliminary', right?

Then... the 'Graduation March'(this is a video, click to play)
Entrance of 182 graduates followed by a reverberating singing of the national anthem.

Kananga's Mayor Codilla formally welcomed everyone. He even described KEITECH, its purpose, facilities and management - with a lot of thanks to the family behind EDC (Energy Development Corporation)

The handful of guests eagerly listened. Thank you Mayor Elmer, we learned more today!

Dr. Emil Saceda (KEITECH Administrator) presented the candidates for graduation.
And readily confirmed/conferred by TESDA Leyte Provincial Director Loreta Banario.

Then the boys (rightfully) changed their baseball caps with those yellow helmets!
Henceforth, we call them TESDA Certified Professionals!

Graduates received their certificates from Saceda, Banario, TESDA Region VII Director Cleta Omega, Ormoc Mayor Edward Codilla (the younger brod, Kananga Mayor Elmer excused himself for another engagement), EDC President Paul Aquino and Leyte Vice Governor Carlo Loreto

The Leyte Vice Governor congratulated the 182 graduates for maintaining the KEITECH record of 100% of its graduates passing their respective TESDA Certification Exams. Then made a roll-call per municipality, asking graduates to stand and be recognized, afterwhich he inspired them to be part of The World's Greatest Nation Builders.

Dir. Omega, in her message added a reminder, that their English Proficiency Certificates would get them competitively going at industries in other countries.

Guests wondered why the boys, in military fashion, quickly brought their chairs to a stack on one side of the building, but were merrily surprised when they finally did their Graduation Song (and Dance) to the tune of "I Will Survive". Exemplary performance!

Here's a back view video of their perforance c/o Anna:
There is even another video at this FB Link from Jayson

KEITECH even has a 'mandatory' pictorial session! And our cameras gladly obliged!

End of story? Naaah, not yet...

There was lunch, catered by no less than that famed Ormoc resto called Sutuwaki!


We gathered our 11 graduates for some tete-a-tete and banter, and to personally congratulate them for having 'survived' the rigid 3-month course (one almost gave up)!

Posterity shots, of course... and On the stage!

Waiting for their ride, the boys were still able to sing with their teachers KTV-style! Dickson, the batch's 'cry-baby' belted out a number of songs!

Final 'quo vadis' discussion... 2 of these boys will be back here in a week's time!
How's that? KEITECH will take them back in for a 2nd course, if endorsed by their respective municipality's PESO! Not anymore as Plan/ADB Scholars but care of EDC.

And a (not so final) group pose w/ Plan Int'l and ADB folks...

'Byebye KEITECH' time..

Van on the left goes to Leyte towns, van on the right to Eastern Samar towns...

Ayan, sabi na nga hindi pa final yung picture sa taas eh!

Leyte-Samar Networking! These boys have mended camaraderies during their stint...
Staying in-touch! Who knows... they could soon become business associates, right?

Well, what a fun and fulfilling day!


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