Grant 9175 Sub-component C.2

Component C
Financed under the Asian Development Bank's (ADB) Japan Fund for Poverty Reduction (JFPR) is geared towards improved resilience to future disasters and effective project management, coordination, monitoring, and reporting.

This component is a $4,276,900.00 portion of the total $20million grant composed of 2 sub-component implementations handled by the National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA) and the ADB

Sub-component 2. Commonly referred to by the project team (and in this blog) as C.2 or C2, this sub-component is the Grant Management Unit (GMU) itself, to help ensure effective project management, coordination, monitoring and reporting. The GMU will coordinate and assist NEDA Regional Office 8 and ADB in monitoring the implementation of the grant, aside from capacitizing NEDA8 personnel on project management and M&E.

Budgeted with a $4,276,900 from the total grant allocation, GMU is composed of a team of individual consultants who are assigned mostly in the field of operations (Region VIII) maintaining offices at the ADB's Emergency Mission to Yolanda-Affected Areas (EMY) in Tacloban City.


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