Thursday, June 4, 2015

Procurement & Finance Training - A.1 Marabut

04JUN2015. DSWD is currently conducting a Procurement & Finance Training for Community Volunteers in Marabut, Samar under its KALAHI program - including those supported by our JFPR Grant 9175 under sub-component A.1.

This is a requirement under the DSWD's CDD program, where volunteers must first be equipped with the proper knowledge and skills on various aspects of project management before a community can start actual implementation of their sub-projects.

A continuous series of workshops, participants undergo rigid training on matters like 'cash flows', 'procurement schedule', 'procurement packages for construction materials' and many others. A very tedious and long process, but at least it ensures that the community is fully equipped with the knowledge and skills towards ensuring a community driven development.



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