Monday, February 2, 2015

KC-NCDDP/JFPR CEAC Stages 3 & 4 Training Program

02FEB15. "Tedious but fulfilling", said one instructor...
"Tedious but very much empowering", said a participant!

Today marks the first day of a 10 day live-in seminar which is part 2 of DSWD8's Accelerated Community Empowerment Activity Cycle (CEAC) for a multitude of Area Coordinating Teams (ACTs) in the Yolanda-stricken islands of Leyte and Samar. Yes "live-in", yes "10 days" including weekends, and, yes this is already the second part! Just imagine the many things these ACTs must absorb.

These KALAHI 'culturization sessions' (if we might use that phrase for lack of a really superlative name) are really like crash courses honing the coordinators to become experts in presentation skills, facilitating, finance, procurement, organizational development, project management, social safeguards, environments safeguards, M&E, etc., We might as well say these are like college courses rolled into one great program and rammed to each individual brain of the volunteers in less than a month haha!

Many of these participants will themselves be the implementors of the 114 sub-projects funded by ADB JFPR Grant 9174 Sub-component A.1, so thank you DSWD, really!

Due to the number of required participants, the training program is being conducted in 5 simultaneous groups spread over 2 venues in Tacloban City!

Empowering lives!



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