Thursday, June 4, 2015

OSY Life Skills Training in Balangiga

03JUNE2015 Balangiga. This is the first of many, that Plan International is conducting across Region VIII beneficiary towns as part of their deliverables under ADB JFPR Grant 9175. It started today!

OSY means "Out of School Youth". They form part of the beneficiaries, among others, under ADB JFPR Grant 9175 Sub-Component A.2 being implemented by Plan International across all previously selected towns in Region VIII's "Yolanda Corridor".

Just what is this "OSY Life Skills Training" and what for? Aside from ensuring ADB presence by apprising these beneficiaries on what is ADB JFPR Grant 9175 and how it is related to them, I sat-in at this session in Balangiga, to find out. They are taught basic soft skills (life skills) such as 'knowing themselves vis-a-vis the society', goal setting (setting SMART objectives), confidence building, 'living away from family for educational purposes', and many others. As if they are being prepared for something else.

And indeed, Plan International is preparing them for something!

This two-day training course is actually a preparatory session prior to sending these 'out-of-school-youth' to technical/vocational institutions at various locations in the region. They will undergo intensive training on TESDA courses of their choice - all expenses c/o of Plan International with funding from the ADB JFPR Grant 9175. The aim is to get them properly tooled to come back to their villages qualified for employment or ready to embark on their livelihood pursuits either as individuals or even as a team.

Quite an opportunity for these youngsters. But it was not as if they just raised their hands and voila they're in! From the community consultations earlier conducted by Plan, it was just announced that there is such a program. No one was ever handpicked. All interested parties were asked to submit an application form, after which they underwent a very rigid selection process.

After their respective courses, many (hopefully all) of these kids will become electricians, welders, automotive mechanics, F&B practitioners, housekeeping employees, caregivers, cooks(chefs soon?) and/or many other professions/qualifications with as high as TESDA NC II certification.

GMU will be there with Plan International to see these youngsters through. Hopefully we can even celebrate with them to recognize their successes soon enough when they become entrepreneurs!



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