Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Municipal Consultation & Project Orientation: Basey

17FEB2015. This was the first such activity for our beneficiary towns in the province of Samar (Western) and actually the first such in all of Eastern Samar - for Sub-component A.2 under Grant 9175-PHI.

Just what is this all about? Well, more of like 'Project Initiation' as we know it in the corporate world. This is a municipal level (town) consultation and most of the invited attendees are MLGU department heads including the Mayor (this time though, the Basey Mayor was represented by one of his officers as he had to attend to another urgent matter). Plus, the Barangay executives of targeted beneficiary communities.

What do they do here? First, Plan International introduces itself as an INGO intent on doing various interventions in the locality. Part of the introduction is a short talk from the ADB JFPR Grant Management Unit, describing what and how much is the grant, for which Plan has been hired to execute. Then, the details of the intended interventions are discussed by Plan Int'l, followed by an open forum, to assess the viability of the project/s, and/or to gather valuable inputs from the local officials.

An informal buy-in is sought (formalities/documents/agreements/contracts to follow later) by Plan International, so that they can proceed with their next step, which, in most cases deals with a survey (or sometimes a market scan) of the beneficiary communities for specifics on who gets what.


After all these, another such consultation and orientation is held, at the barangay/community level with the whole populace (80% at least), targeted beneficiaries or not, in attendance. And the rest of the project activities follows...

Now we're moving on sub-component A2. Exciting days!



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