Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The Cansumangkay Surprise

All the kids at Cansumangkay Elementary School in Balangiga (even some teachers!) knew they were just holding their usual flag raising ceremony at 7AM of a gloomy Wednesday morning. Many of them did see us, even bantered with us - but we have been too familiar faces to them, having been to their school a number of times to check and see the construction progress of one of their school buildings. So they probably thought it was such a usual day.

When Ms. Alma Borja, the DSWD Kalahi-CIDSS Area Coordinator followed by the ever-present BSPMC Chair Ms. Reymunda Amegable went up front to tell them something, the claps and grins started, especially for those in Grades 2, 3 and 4. They were told they would go straight into their spanking new classrooms right that very morning after the flag ceremony.

Not without having a brief photo-op right in front of their new building, together with classmates and teachers. Everyone had fun!

Grade 2 pupils posing for the cameras before entering their new classroom (rightmost) at the new building behind them.

Grade 3 pupils who will use the middle classroom also pose with their teacher in front of the DSWD ADB/JFPR Signange.

The jollier Grade 4 pupils and teacher also take a pose before entering their room at the left end of the new building.

Principal, Brgy Capt., DSWD/JFPR Engr and PM open the room while Grade 3 pupils and teacher eagerly await to enter.

Then our time to be surprised came...

These two Grade 4 boys, displaying gallantry at such an early age, told their excited classmates to remain & stay-put on the waiting line, as they started darting off and back to/from their old classroom (at the other end of the field with bamboo walls). They hauled all of their classmates' bags and things. I asked why, one of them smilingly told me "para diri masamok" (so it won't be chaotic)!

We peeped into the rooms and saw the Grade 2 kids getting some reminders on how to take care of their new classroom:

Nice day. Fulfilling day!



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